Cycling around the Dolomites with Dolomiti di Brenta Bike

Picture by: Ronny Kiaulehn

Mountain biking through jaw-dropping scenery is a wonderful way to experience a country. Working up a sweat pushing your way uphill to be rewarded by flying downhill runs makes you feel like you’ve earned your enjoyment and exhilaration. The Alps have vast facilities and opportunities for cycling in the mountains, and there are a few deals on at the moment with Dolomiti di Brenta Bike for biking in the Italian stretch of these mountains.

The Dolomites are found in the Southern Limestone Alps of Italy, and are full of snow-capped peaks and jagged rock faces looming imposingly over you. Famous for all sorts of summer and winter sports, the Dolomites are also the stage for the Maratona dles Dolomites, a bicycle race which covers seven mountain passes and is open to amateurs.

Dolomiti di Brenta bike offer two main bike tours: the “Expert” Tour which is for those who like a challenge and a demanding route, and the “Country” Tour, which is a bit more easygoing and relaxed, but still lets you experience the majesty of the Dolomites. Read on for more details!

Picture by: Ronny Kiaulehn

Dolomiti di Brenta Expert Bike Tour
The Expert tour is not one for those who like their cycling sedate.  It’s 171km of peaks and troughs, streams and tracks, paths and dirt, with a top altitude of 2,262m and a total elevation gain, once you’ve gone up and down each peak, of 7,700m. It follows part of the route of the Transalp Mountain Bike Tour, taking in Cime Grostè, Monte Spinale, Crozzon di Brenta, Campanil Basso and Monte Peller. Only 6km of this tour is composed of path; 115km of it is rough track, giving the riders some brilliant downhill thrills.

The tour then heads into the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, which has glaciers, waterfalls and lakes, not to mention the jagged Dolomites themselves. It also has an abundance of fauna and flora, including the rare and elusive brown bear, a protected species in the park – you never know, you might get lucky and get a sighting.

All in all, expect to get mucky, dusty, sweaty and wet, and to have the time of your life.

Dolomiti di Brenta Country Bike Tour
A more chilled out option, described by Dolomiti di Brenta Bike as “cycling in harmony” with the mountains, the Country tour is aimed at being more accessible to all – provided you’re reasonably fit! This beautiful route follows a similar trail to the Expert tour, but avoids the big climbs up to peaks, and sticks more to cycle paths and open roads – though there is still a good 51km of rough terrain to keep things interesting! The route takes you along valley floors, where the temperature is cool and you can take in farms and small villages. It’s peaceful and lovely, and a great way to see the Dolomites.

This trail also takes you through the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, and the challenging stretches include use of a shuttle bus for transfers and for carrying your bike when the terrain gets too challenging. This tour is 136km long, with an elevation gain of 4,600m and a highest point of 1,462m.

Special Offers
For 2012, Dolomiti di Brenta bike are offering low prices and the option to customise your own tour, so you can fit as much in as possible if you’re in a hurry, or you can up the ante and extend the tour if you have some time and want to explore the region a bit more. Check out offers here:,2/special_offers_mountain_bike_on_dolomiti_brenta_bike,209.html

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