Flying Fox Leogang XXL – Austria’s Longest flying Fox!


The good people behind the Flying Fox XXL in Leogang, Austria, make a good point: Remember zooming across the playground on a flying fox when you were a kid, and how exhilarating it was? Why should you lose that sense of rushing through the air, of being able to fly, just because you’ve grown up? Enter the Flying Fox XXL – a 1.6km run over the mountains, forests and hills, 143m in the air, travelling at up to 130km an hour, making it one of the longest and fastest cable rides in the world.

Arriving at the starting point, you are harnessed into a horizontal position, well secured, and then flung out into the void. Then it’s just you, the air around you and the fantastic landscape below you as your harness speeds along on the steel cable.

As you can imagine, this rather intense experience doesn’t come cheap and its not for everyone. For full flexibility of timings, the fee is 79 Euros; an Early Bird offer weighs in at a more manageable 59 Euros, though these prices do include the cable cars to and from the start and finish of the ride. You must be over ten years of age to experience this, weigh between 35 and 120kg, absolutely not be pregnant, and happen to time your visit at a point where the weather conditions are stable – strong winds and storms are, for obvious reasons, a no-no.

Leogang is part of the Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang ski area, itself a hugely popular resort for both winter and summer sports. You’ll find plenty to do in the region in the way of biking, horseriding, trekking, climbing and much more – and now you can add doing a superman impression to the list.

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