Alpine peaks – Mont Blanc

It’s a mountaineering and skiing heaven, a scarily vast and imposing summit, the jewel in the crown of the Alps. Yup, it’s Mont Blanc, the Alps’ highest peak, measuring up to a hefty and impressive 4,810m. The first recorded ascent of the mountain took place in 1786; since then, about 20,000 people a year make […]

Summer Ski Resorts in the Alps

Summer Skiing in the Alps – Your Options So you either missed the winter ski season, or had such an awesome time that you’re just not ready to accept that it’s over for another summer (we’ve all been there). Fear not! You don’t have to trawl to the other side of the world to find […]

Swiss Alps Hiking: Zermatt

When ski seasons end, mountain resorts promptly change gears and start getting ready for the influx of tourists who want an active, outdoor summer holiday. After all, where better to go than to beautiful, scenic mountains, where there’s hiking, biking and sightseeing aplenty? It’s true – the Alps in summer offer some stunning trekking, and […]

Hot Air Balloon Trips in the Alps

Hot Air Balloon trips are an unbelievable experience. The peace and serenity of soaring almost soundlessly above the world below is something almost without compare. Now imagine how amazing drifting over snow-capped mountains must be, with the jagged peaks spread out before you. Here are just some of the most incredible hot air balloon rides […]