Plenty of new snow in the Alps!

We finally had a proper snowfall in the Alps. The amount of snow the Alps received over the weekend exceeded all expectations and allowed ski season opening in many ski resorts. The temperature dropped signifficantly across the board and allowed snow cannons to work at full capacity. This week we are going to see a lot of snow […]

Top Alpine Peaks – Grossglockner, Austria

Hands up: Who’s heard of Grossglockner? No? It’s not surprising; it doesn’t make the list of mountains for discussion over the dinner table very often. Nevertheless, you should have heard of it. Grossglockner is on a par with Mont Blanc when it comes to prominence within the Alpine mountain range. It’s the highest mountain in […]

Hiking and Trekking in Cervinia

Taking advantage of Italian mountain resorts in the summer to hike and trek through lush, green scenery is wonderful, and Cervinia in Italy offers some great routes. From easy walks lasting only a few miles to harder trips doable in a day, here is Europe-Mountains’ pick of the best hiking routes in the Breuil-Cervinia region, […]