Highest Golf Courses in the Alps

Playing golf up a mountain is a rather special experience, with amazing panoramic views galore and varied and challenging golf courses. Here is a collection of our favourite highest golf courses up in the Alps – you shouldn’t quite get altitude sickness, but you’ll definitely be putting more effort in than usual! Unsurprisingly, France and […]

Cycling around the Dolomites with Dolomiti di Brenta Bike

Mountain biking through jaw-dropping scenery is a wonderful way to experience a country. Working up a sweat pushing your way uphill to be rewarded by flying downhill runs makes you feel like you’ve earned your enjoyment and exhilaration. The Alps have vast facilities and opportunities for cycling in the mountains, and there are a few […]

Golf in the Alps

  Oh, no, it’s not just skiing. It’s not just snowboarding. It’s even not just hiking, trekking and mountain biking. Nope, the sporting world of the Alps extends to that most genteel of sports, golf. Spread out across Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria is a plethora of golf courses of varying size, style and exclusivity […]

3 Hardest Austria Ski Runs

Continuing our theme of the most difficult skiing runs in the Alps, we move on to Austria for a look at the most challenging pistes and powder – with an emphasis on runs which are fun to ski, too! Here’s a few of our favourites for you to get your boards and blades into. The […]